Janie Siebert

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Introduction - This portfolio has an emphasis on "one-off", limited edition quality. The different categories will give you an idea of my distinctive signature with inspiration from natural God given indigenous and exotic fauna and flora.

Handmade & Handbuilt- Earthenware and stoneware platters, bowls, jugs, etc. all become different, wholesome, decorative 'canvasses' and small sculptures are all a reminder to stay closely connected to natural quality living

Whiteware- All of my 'whiteware' range is stoneware fully functional hotel quality crockery, with fully glazed decoration, bringing you crockery that is durable, non-toxic, microwaveable, oven- and dishwasher proof.

Tiles- This range incorporates individually painted designs, worked onto handmade or commercially available tiles, bringing durable bespoke designs to any kitchen, garden, home or patio wall

Illustrations- This is the result of 'necessary -time' spent on the wonderfully original surface of paper or canvas, creating mixed medium artworks.